Jul 26, 2014


I am so excited to be sharing this post with you guys! Recently I came across this brand, Makeup Revolution while browsing around. There are a lot of good reviews regarding this brand as it is very popular nowadays. I immediately placed an order when the craze took over me and I literally have to stop myself from buying the entire store since their products are SUPER affordable.


MAKEUP REVOLUTION is launched in March 2014 offering budget-price products with high quality. They have a massive variety of products as they believe professional makeup should be affordable as well as accessible to all. Makeup Revolution always have something for everyone. Not everyone can afford high end products and even if we are paying more, it does not necessarily mean that it comes with high quality. 

What did I get?

£4 each ( About RM22 )

I got to know of Makeup Revolution through this best-selling palette. A lot of beauty bloggers/ Youtubers have been saying that Iconic 3 is a dupe for Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Since Urban Decay does cost a lot of money and not exactly wallet-friendly, Iconic 3 is an alternative for me. It comes with 12 eyeshadows with micture of pearl, shimmer and matte shades. The shades do not have individual names. 

 Salvation Palette What You Waiting For?
£6 each ( About RM32 )

This limited edition palette has a total of 18 eye shadows with 12 shimmers and 6 mattes colour. What You Waiting For palette consists mainly of nudes and natural shades which are suitable for daytime use as well as moving to smokier side at night. It comes in a beautiful shiny compact with a full sized mirror. Besides, all the shades have their own individual names according to the lyrics from Gwen Stefani's song, What You Waiting For. 

5 Baked Eyeshadows in Chocolate Deluxe
£2.50 each ( About RM13.50 )

5 Baked Eyeshadows is available in five different shades and I opted for Chocolate Deluxe. It is packaged in a black compact with a clear lid. This nice little palette consists of 5 baked gorgeous shades which are silky, blendable and has high pigmentation. The baked eyeshadows can also be used with a wet brush for more intense colour payouts. 

Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights
£3 each

There are three different shades for Vivid Baked Highlighter which are Peach Lights, Pink Lights and Golden Lights. The highlighters come in a compact black packaging with a clear lid. It also has this beautiful swirl design inside the pan. Since I am still new to highlighter, I opted for Peach Lights as it seems to be more natural compared to the other two. 

£2.50 each ( About RM13.50 )

There are six shades available for Vivid Baked Blush. Similar to Vivid Baked Highlighter, Vivid Baked Blush is packaged in a round black compact with a clear lid. Each of the baked blush contains a hint of shimmer to provide a beautiful glow while enhancing the cheekbones.  

I ♡ Makeup Blushing Hearts Candy Queens of Heart Blusher 
 £4.99 each ( About RM27 )

I ♡ Makeup is a sister brand of Makeup Revolution. I ♡ Makeup Blushing Hearts consist of one highlighter, two bronzers and three blushers. For the blushers, the shades available are Blushing HeartPeachy Keen and finally the shade I got, Candy Queens of Heart. The blushers comes in a heart shape which is very similar to Too Faced Sweetheart Blushers. The blusher is placed in a sturdy, golden cardboard box with a separate lid. 

Vivid Blush Lacquer Desire 
£3 each ( About RM16 )

Vivid Blush Lacquer is a creamy liquid blush that creates a rich, long lasting vivid colour on the cheeks. There are six shades available ranging from bright pink to soft brown colours. It is packaged in a clear plastic packaging and comes with a pump to dispense the products.

I will be doing a more in depth reviews about these products soon. Overall, I think they are amazing for the price I'm paying. Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution? Which is your favourite product? I would love to know!

Makeup Revolution is available online and ships internationally with shipping rate of £7.95 ( RM43 ).

For more information, please visit:

*Disclaimer: These products are not sponsored. I purchased the products with my own money.

Jul 11, 2014

Review: Omorose, A Malaysian Beauty Brand Part Two

In the previous post, I reviewed about the brand Omorose, here (Part 1). Today, it will be Part 2 of the review. I have to separate it into two posts as it is too lengthy. Hope you don't mind and bear that with me. Alright, let's move on.

A) Hypnotic Eyes Silky Eyeshadow Duo (RM49 for 0.12oz/ 3.5g)

Description: This  eye shadow duo is added with Vitamin E to prevent the early signs of aging and claims to be crease and fade resistant. The shades of the duo come in coordinating hues which can be applied sheer or built up for a more dramatic effect. Besides that, Hypnotic Eyes is packaged with a compact mirror for convenience.

Shade: It comes in shades of 3 which are Aishwarya, Come-to-bed and Imagine. Aishwarya is a combination of light blue and dark brown and Come-to-bed is a duo of pink and purple. I got Imagine which consists of gold and reddish brown?? I can't really tell what shade is the second one, so do have a look at the images below ;)

Texture: The texture is really smooth and buttery. When you rub your fingers together, it felt really smooth and no sign of grittiness. Besides, it is really PIGMENTED. That means you have to really use a light hand while using the eye shadows to avoid packing too much. There was once where I wasn't being careful and took a whole load of eye shadow. The results of course was a disaster and I have to keep blending to wash it out.

Omorose Hypnotic Eyes Silky Eyeshadow Duo

Omorose Hypnotic Eyes Silky Eyeshadow Duo Swatch

List of Ingredients

Lasting Power: By the end of the day, I still see the eye shadows on my lid but slightly less vibrant due to the oil produced on the lid. It lasted 8 hours on my lid which is not bad.

Final thought: I like the pigmentation a lot as it is buttery smooth making it easier to blend. However, I wish there are more options for the eye shadow shades. I find it really hard to pull off this shade (Imagine) so maybe they should come out with more neutral brown colours. Yes, I'm the typical girl that likes brown eye shadows.

Omorose Hypnotic Eyes Silky Eyeshadow Duo

Omorose Hypnotic Eyes Silky Eyeshadow Duo

B) Rosey Glow Cheek Tint (RM62 for 0.28oz/8g)

Description: Rosey Glow is a hydrating gel blush that give the cheeks a natural, glowing tint. The packaging enables easy application where it it makes for an excellent touch up tool throughout the day.

Shade: Available in 5 shades - First Love, Pretty Jessica, England's Rose, Radiant and Showbiz. I got mine in the shade of England's Rose. On the packaging, it looks bright red which is quite scary but upon application, it gives a natural flush to the skin.

Lasting power: I left the cheek tint unblended at the back of my hand. When I tried to remove it using water, it stayed on strong. You can see it from the picture below. I even tried to remove it using Laura Mercier Cleansing Oil but it still would NOT BUDGE. I tried rubbing it hard until my hand turned red but it is still on my hand! It only gradually disappeared the next day. Seriously, I have never encountered something that is waterproof and oil proof. LOL, I am seriously not kidding. If you still want to look nice after swimming/ exercise with a natural flush, then Rosey Glow Cheek Tint is for you!

Final thought: I am in love with this Cheek Tint! It is so easy to use and give off a very natural colour on my cheeks. All I do is dab it on my cheeks and blend it. It is also very easy to carry around. I do not have to bring any extra brushes to reapply the blusher. Highly recommended!

Waterproof and oil proof test
List of Ingredients

Finally, here is the picture of me using all the products from Omorose.

Makeup with Omorose Products

Conclusion: There are 2 products that I highly recommend from Omorose which are the Satyn Superfine Finishing Powder and Rosey Glow Cheek Tint. I am in love with these products as they are super convenient to use and exceeded my expectations. As for the rest, it doesn't mean that they are bad just because it is not in the recommendation list. It just means that it is okay for you not to have them but would be a nice addition to your makeup bag. 

So what do you think of Omorose products? Will you be trying them out?

Omorose cosmetics is available online with free shipping to Malaysia on all orders and worldwide with orders above USD50.

For more information, please visit:
Website: http://omorosecosmetics.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/omorosecosmetics?fref=ts

*Disclaimer: I bought the products with my own money. This review is not sponsored.

Jul 8, 2014

Review: Omorose, A Malaysian Beauty Brand Part One

Did anyone went to the International Beauty Expo (IBE) 2014 at KLCC? This year's expo is a disappointment compared to last year. There were not much promotion going on and I even saw fake Too Faced cosmetics. Tsk tsk tsk. At the beauty expo, I came across this Malaysian beauty brand known as Omorose. There are not much of beauty products that are from Malaysia so I was surprised to find one that day. I actually went to the booth after seeing the cute packaging.


The co founders of Omorose are Terry Liau and Pauline Chew. They came with the name Omorose which means "Beautiful" in ancient Egyptian after being inspired by the stunning wall paintings at the Valley of Queens in Egypt. This brand uses only natural preservatives when needed  and does not contain parabens or phenoxyethanol. Omorose also claims to be a cruelty free brand where no animal testing is being done. Another point that I like about Omorose is that they are working with The Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled, providing job opportunities to the disabled community. When we shop from Omorose, it means that we are helping the disabled. How meaningful is that? :)

These are what I got during the expo. The total of the products are supposed to be RM328 but it was selling for only RM130. Can you believe that?? This post is going to be lengthy and image heavy, so take a cup of coffee, sit down and relax. :)

a) BB Stick SPF35
b) Satyn Superfine Finishing Powder
Lip Dressing
d) Hypnotic Eyes Silky Eyeshadow Duo
e) Rosey Glow Cheek Tint

A) Omorose BB Stick SPF35 (RM99 for 0.7oz/20g)

Omorose BB Stick Review

This act as a foundation stick with sunscreen of SPF35. According to the beauty assistant, this stick acts more as a sunscreen rather than BB cream. However since it is tinted, it is still best to remove the makeup with oil makeup remover. It comes in 3 shades which are (i) Light & Fair, (ii) Fair & Medium, and (iii) Medium & Tan.

Omorose BB Stick Review

Omorose BB Stick Swatch
Swatch of BB Stick. It is a creamy texture that dries off to matte, powdery finish after blending.
Omorose BB Stick Review
In order to get the product out, the stick has to be rotated anti clockwise and vice versa to return the product into the tube.
Omorose BB Stick Review
List of ingredients

The sunscreen foundation is easily blended on the face and finishes off with a matte, powdery finish. For coverage, it is very minimal. I have to apply few layers to cover the redness on my skin. However, with few layers, my skin starts to feel heavy and sticky.

Omorose BB stick coverage test
Coverage Test

Oil control: As for oil control, I started noticing shine after 3 hours and I will need to blot it using tissue paper. This is normal for me since Malaysia is terribly hot and I tend to sweat therefore producing more sebum.

Final thought: I like that this product gave me the convenience of applying foundation and sunscreen at once. Although it does contain SPF 35, I will not entirely rely on it. This stick is perfect for usage when I'm feeling lazy and wants minimal coverage on my skin. I can also put it in my bag and take it out anytime for touch up.

B) Satyn Superfine Finishing Powder (RM89 for 0.21oz/6g)

Omorose Satyn Finishing Powder Review

Omorose Satyn Finishing Powder Review
It comes with a small puff as well as protective sticker over the powder holes.

This finishing powder acts as a loose powder used after foundation to set the makeup. It is formulated with Diamond Powder Lumiere to create a matte effect with a soft radiant finish. The texture of the powder is finely milled and it appears white/ translucent. After blending it out, you will have a smooth finish on your face. It is very similar to baby's powder where your skin felt smooth after usage. 

Shade: It comes in 2 shades which are Flawless and Diamond. The only difference between these 2 shades is that  Diamond has shimmer in it. However, the shimmer is really fine and does not make your face looked like a glitter ball. I tested it on my hand during the expo and it gave a natural finish. Satyn Superfine Finishing Powder does what it claim by giving a matte and smooth finish to the face. 

Omorose Satyn Finishing Powder Review
See how finely milled the powder is.
Omorose Satyn Finishing Powder Review
Left: Partially blended, Right: Fully blended
Omorose Satyn Finishing Powder Review
List of ingredients for those that are interested

Final thought: This powder is seriously the finest I have encountered and my face feel so smooth after applying it. It does a great job mattifying the skin without feeling heavy but it is still not enough for my oily combination skin. The only thing that I do not like is that the powder tends to fly around due to its fine texture creating a mess all over the my counter. You might worry if it will spill in your makeup bag but don't worry as it does have a sturdy packaging. The lid can be covered tightly to prevent spillage from happening. So if you would like to get anything from Omorose, I would say go for this finishing powder. 

C) Lip Dressing (RM29 for 0.17oz/ 5g)

Omorose Lip Dressing Review

Lip dressing is a nourishing vegan lip balm which is packed with good ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado oil, argan oil as well as Vitamin E. All those ingredients will help to nourish and protect the lips. Besides, it is tinted to add a hint of colour to the lips. Another plus point about this balm is that it creates a dewy glass effect so that the lips will not be matte. I appreciate it in the lip balm as I always feel that matte products does not suit me.

Omorose Lip Dressing Review

Shade: It comes in 5 shade which are Clear Citrus Punch, Strawberry Sorbet, Creme Brulee, Tropical Paradise and Chocolate Bons Bons. I got mine in the shade Strawberry Sorbet which is a bright pink in the tube. Once applied, it gives off a bubblegum pink on the lips. 

Omorose Lip Dressing Swatch

Omorose Lip Dressing Swatch

Final thought: I have mix feeling about the lip dressing. I do not dislike nor do I like it. It is moisturising when I first applied it and it does emphasize the fine wrinkles on my lips. If my lips are flaky, it will become more obvious after applying the lip dressing. To overcome this, I usually just dab it in the center of the lips and used my fingers to spread the colour. As for lasting power, the shade does disappear with eating and drinking so reapplication has to be done.

I will be reviewing on the eye shadow and blusher in Part 2 which is coming up real soon, so stay tune. Have you tried any Malaysian beauty products and what do you feel about the them? Do share with me below. 

Omorose cosmetics is available online with free shipping to Malaysia on all orders and worldwide with orders above USD50.

For more information, please visit:
Website: http://omorosecosmetics.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/omorosecosmetics?fref=ts

*Disclaimer: I bought the products with my own money. This review is not sponsored.

Jun 26, 2014

Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream: A base with SPF30 PA++ that will give you healthy, glowing skin

Today I will be reviewing about Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream which has been a staple in my daily makeup routine. For those of you who are not familiar with CC cream, CC stands for "colour correcting" cream infused with skincare properties such as Vitamin C and E. Some of you may ask what are the differences between BB (Blemish Balm) and CC cream. BB cream are like foundations with few skincare benefits such as SPF and anti oxidant whereas CC cream acts as colour corrector to correct the skin tone. Besides, CC cream is lighter in texture and does not provide much coverage as compared to BB cream. Hence, CC cream is usually used as make up primer/base.

Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream comes in a 30mL pump type tube which is very convenient for usage. It claims to be whitening and moisturizing acting as colour control base to even and smooth the skin. This CC cream also offers SPF30 PA++ broad spectrum sun protection.

Price: 25000 won for 30mL
Back of the packaging. Everything is in Korean.
It comes with a pump making it easier to dispense the product and more hygienic.
Creamy texture
Swatch at the back of my hand, without vs with CC cream

What do I think?
Shade: Only comes in one shade

Scent: There is a light floral scent to it. When applied to face, the scent still lingers around but after few minutes, the scent will start to disappear. I am not a big fan of products with overpowering scent but Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream's scent is just fine.

Texture: Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream comes with a water-based, creamy texture that is rather lightweight. It is easily spreadable and blends quickly into my face giving me brighter complexion. On my hand, it looked white but after a while, it will start adapting to the warmth of the skin making it looked dewy and natural. The texture is not heavy which is something I appreciate since I have combination oily skin. However, you have to be careful not to apply too much as it will make your skin looked too dewy. I also performed a test on my hand using small pieces of blotting paper to test the level of stickiness of this CC cream. I pressed the blotting paper firmly on my hand before shaking them off to make sure that it adhere to the skin. Below are the images showed for the results of stickiness:

As you can see, there are still pieces of the blotting paper left on my hand after shaking. However, this does not mean that the CC cream is sticky like glue. It simply sticks on because of the wetness and moisturising property of the CC cream.

Oil Control & Coverage: After 3 - 4 hours, I started noticing that my skin turned oily. However, this is a norm for me as I experienced it with every products I used. In coverage wise, it has minimal to no coverage. It only helps in reducing the redness of my skin. Therefore, if you are looking for coverage, this product might not be for you as it's main function is makeup base. You might think that base is not important but it does make a whole lot of difference. With this CC cream, your skin will look like your skin but better. Does it make any sense? ;) Since I have scars on my face, I usually pair this up with Laneige BB Cushion to cover those imperfections.

Haha, this is usually how I apply to save time.
Before VS After

Have a look at the before and after picture. Before I apply the CC cream, my skin looked yellow and dull. After applying, my skin became more moisturised and brighter. As I said, this CC cream acts more like a base without much coverage. In the circle area, you can see that the acne mark is still there. Since I have marks/ scars on my face, I usually pair this up with Laneige BB Cushion to cover those imperfections.

With Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion. Sorry about the awkward pose, not used to taking picture. Haha

Ingredient: Couldn't find any in English, just the Korean version. If any of you knows how to read, please translate it for me!

Final Thoughts: If you are interested in trying out CC cream, Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream is a safe option as it is very lightweight and does not have any colour changing properties. You do not have to worry that it does not suit your skin tone. Besides, I think this will be great for those with dull skin as it brightens up the complexion. However, if you already own or tried CC cream, it is not a must to get this product. I would say it is a nice addition to your CC cream stash but definitely not a must as it depends on what are you finding for in a base. As for me, I will still repurchase it since I prefer dewy than matte finish.

What are your thoughts in CC Cream? Are they better than BB Cream? Let me know what you think! 

Banila Co is not available in Malaysia yet. 

You can purchase them online at the links below;
a) iBuyBeauti ($27.99) 
b) Korea Depart ($25.37 - shipping not included)
c) W2Beauty ($31.07)
d) ooh-and-aah.com (RM105 - preorder basis)

For more information, please visit:

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I bought this with my own money.

Jun 15, 2014

Review: 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Creamy Lip Colour & Lip Colour # 601 Deep Kisser

By now, 3 Concept Eyes or 3CE from Stylenanda should be familiar to those that love Korean makeups. In 2013, this brand became a sudden hit. I'm always curious why did it become popular and never got to purchase it until recently because the price is seriously overpriced in Malaysia.

Today, I will be reviewing about lip products which are the 'Creamy Lip Colour' in shade #1 Pick Me Up & #3 Zoom In  as well as the 'Lip Colour' in shade #601 Deep Kisser. The names can be confusing so just take note that the round packaging is the 'Creamy Lip Colour' whereas the square packaging is known as 'Lip Colour'.

I got them in 2 colours in shade #1 Pick Me Up and #3 Zoom In. Shade #1 is a classic red that is neither too bright nor too dark whereas shade #3 is a bright magenta pink. 

3CE Creamy Lip Colour

Next, it will be 3CE Lip Colour in shade #601 Deep Kisser. This shade is almost similar to 3CE Creamy Lip Colour #3 Zoom In.

3CE Lip Colour in Shade #601 Deep Kisser

 Swatches (From left to right): Creamy Lip Colour in shade #1 Pick Me Up & #3 Zoom In, Lip Colour in shade #601 Deep Kisser 
The hand swatches are done with one swipe for both shade #1 and #3 whereas shade #601 has to be swatched 2 to 3 times so that the colour can be shown.

Lip Swatches
From the lip swatches above, #3 Zoom In is not really an accurate ones as it did not showed well in pictures. To make up for it, below is the picture taken from Stylenanda's website.

3ce stylenanda resized
Taken from Stylenanda website; Shade #3 Zoom In
What do I think? 
Of all the lipsticks I tried so far, I have to say 3CE Creamy Lip Colour is the most moisturising for my lip as it contain essences such as argan oil and cupuacu butter. I often have dry and chapped lip. Therefore, I have to make sure that I put on lip balm each time which is a hassle. I know I'm supposed to put on lip balm to protect the lip from wrinkles etc but seriously who will put it on every time? I know I don't. :) With the Creamy Lip Colour, I do not have to worry about flaky lip as it is super moisturising! In my opinion, I find it better than Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick which is said to moisturise the lips. With Laneige lipstick, I have to make sure I apply lip balm so that my lips does not crack. I will be doing a separate review on Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick so do stay tune!

As for 3CE Lip Colour, it is also moisturising but not as much as Creamy Lip Colour. It is also less pigmented. I think it would be suitable for those who want to try on bright colours but does not have the courage. This is because Lip Colour is something like a tinted balm. If you want more colours, you would need to apply few more layers.

For staying power, 3CE Creamy Lip Colour stayed on for 4-5 hours provided that you do not eat/drink or wipe it off. Even with eating/drinking, the lipstick still stayed on but not as bright when you first applied it. I could not comment much on Lip Colour as I have not tested it. I am so in love with Creamy Lip Colour that I neglected it. I only wore it once while taking pictures for swatches. ;) However, I will be updating about the staying power soon!

Have any of you tried any products from 3CE and what do you think? Are they worth the hype? Let me know what you think! :)

3 Concept Eyes is only available online in Malaysia. Stylenanda's official website also ships worldwide. 
Price: Depending on which seller in Malaysia
Availability: StylenandaHermo
For more information, please visit Stylenanda at http://en.stylenanda.com/products/3-concept-eyes/AS000000/?url=Category

*Disclaimer: I bought the products with my own money. This is not a sponsored review.

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